Diagnostic Water Test

App-based diagnostic postal laboratory test for central heating system water, providing a detailed report with recommendations for treating system water. Simply fill a bottle with

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Accurate, easy-to-use antifreeze testing instrument uses an adjustable eye piece to measure refracted light given off by all glycol-based antifreeze products, to determine the concentration

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T3 Test Kit

The T3 test kit is a convenient, easy to use method to test your water quality at the job site. Dedicated dip test strips determine

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Express Inhibitor Test

The Express Inhibitor Test provides a rapid on-site analysis of the concentration of all Fernox Protectors, and other molybdate based inhibitors, in central heating system

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System Water Test

A simple and easy-to-use turbidity test to check the quality of system water and determine appropriate treatment to ensure the system works at optimum efficiency,

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