TF1 Delta Filter Thermal Cover

Product Code: 62231

The TF1 Delta Filter Thermal Cover further enhances the efficiency of a commercial central heating system already protected by a TF1 Delta Filter. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) used as Thermal Covers insulate and fully encapsulate the filter to keep system heat loss to a minimum.

  • Dimensions: 645mm (25.4″) x 220mm (8.7″)
  • Weight: 0.4kg (0.9lbs)
  • Protects against hot surfaces
  • Assists in the prevention of heat loss

Application, Fitting & Dosing

The customised EPP thermal covers supplied by Fernox are designed to last the life of the TF1 Delta Filter. They will insulate and protect the system filter year–after-year without losing their integrity or performance.

Designed to insulate the TF1 Delta Filter to retain heat levels, reduce energy consumption and energy costs

Physical Specification / Properties

High quality, flame retardant protective cover
Improves energy efficiency
Promotes safer handing

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Product Code
Single Unit Dimensions(Height x Width x Depth)
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Outer Carton Dimensions(Height x Width x Depth)
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12.20 x 15.35 x 17.72 inches
10.63 x 12.36 x 20.28 inches
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